4 Tips to Help You Find a Job in Jamaica

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Searching for a job is tough work.  You may have the training and experience required to find a job in your field, but sometimes that is just not enough. A lot of times finding the perfect job can just be pure and simple luck.  Fortunately for all who are here seeking jobs in Jamaica, there are ways to help turn that luck in your favor. Here are some tips and methods to help you land the job you have always dreamed about.

1) Utilize LinkedIn

In the professional world, LinkedIn has become the social media platform of choice. It connects people from all over the world who want to build their professional network.  Before looking for a new job, be sure that your profile is up to date and relays your most impressive accomplishments. This includes attaching a high quality, professional photo on your profile.  After your profile is shining, start reaching out and making connections with others in your target field.  You will most likely want to focus in on connecting with management and human resources. Connect with as many potential employers as possible to give you a better chance at landing a job.  After you are connected to several hiring managers, strike up a conversation with them to determine what their company’s needs are.

2) Use Your Network

In most instances, a good friend in the right place beats a great resume.  Your existing network of friends and contacts most likely know of several jobs that you would be qualified for.  The problem you face is that most of them don’t know you are looking.  To solve this problem, reach out to some people you have not spoken with in a while.  Offer to take them out to lunch or buy a cup of coffee, whatever it takes to sit down in person and pick their brain for possible job opportunities.  Most people in your circle would love to have the chance to help you land a job using their influence if they just knew you were looking and interested.

3) Look-up Alumni

People are naturally drawn to others who share something in common with them.  One of these common areas where people share a lot of pride is the college or university they graduated from.  Many managers love to support their alma mater by hiring candidates from the school they attended.  Regardless of whether you attended Northern Caribbean University, Mico University College or any of Jamaica’s other great schools, look for fellow alumni who have risen to high level positions in the field you are searching.  Many alumni associations offer a variety of social events for alumni to connect at.  Work the room at one of these events and you just may be climbing the corporate ladder quicker than you think.

4) Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to increase your contacts while boosting your experience.  Look for volunteer opportunities that are within your desired career field.  If your desired job is in sales, consider helping a non-profit organization raise funds and build donor relations.  If your desired career field is in the restaurant industry, try giving a hand at a facility that feeds the homeless.  Make sure that you are intentional about the areas you serve to increase the likelihood of meeting potential professional connections.  Volunteering will give you the opportunity to give back to your community and you also never know who you will meet along the way.

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