4 Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff

old, used, or unwanted belongings in the front yard

Piling all your old, used, or unwanted belongings on your front yard with round price stickers may have worked ten years ago. Today, yard sales are being taken over by faster, easier, and more convenient for sale options online. The garage sale of yesterday is now an online auction getting you more bang for your buck without requiring you to sit on your driveway for 8 hours. Clear out your space and fill up your wallet by taking advantage of the yard sales of the future.

1) Sell It Online

EBay is the largest and most popular auction website on the web, but it’s not the only option. eBay is best for high value items or collectibles that are easy to ship. You most likely wouldn’t want to list your 52″ TV on eBay, but if you have a Blu-Ray player, or other small electronics, eBay can reap high prices. There are listing fees involved, but they are minimal, and often pay for themselves because you’ll receive more money for your items anyway.

Of course, you search Amazon for anything and everything, but did you know you can sell on Amazon too? You can utilize their free listing service, which requires you to use others’ pictures, descriptions and shipping prices, or customize your listing with a paid listing.

The 21st century of classifieds is FiWiClassifieds. For larger items homes, cars, furniture, and heavy or bulky items, online classifieds allows you to reach an audience much larger than your neighborhood. The process of posting a classified ad is quick and easy. Always use online classifieds wisely, and never meet a potential buyer by yourself, make sure you can easily contact the potential buy and setup a safe meeting spot to complete the transaction. Request cash or cashier’s checks for added security and for large transaction you it is best to meet at the bank.

2) Donate

If you’re not looking to earn money, rather than throw stuff away, donate it to someone who could use it. A great place to start is the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is one of the largest charitable organization with a worldwide membership of over 1.5 million. Do a quick search on Google Maps to see if there is a location near you.

Freecycle is a website just for those who want to give away free stuff. Even broken items may be claimed by someone looking to repurpose or reuse free items. This is a great way to declutter and get that warm fuzzy feeling from helping out others.

Games, toys, and sporting equipment are always in demand from other parents just like you. One website, Donate Games accepts used games and then resells them to raise money for children’s medical research. Sports Gift is a website specifically geared to providing donated sports equipment to needy kids in the United States. Use your old stuff to make a difference, (and get a tax deduction), by donating rather than selling.

3) Social Networking Sales

You may be surprised how much progress you can make within your own social circle. Simply post on Facebook some of the items you’re looking to sell and you may find a friend in need. You also use the marketplace of Facebook where people list items to sell and another Facebook buyer may be just around the corner.

If you have a lot to sell, like an estate sale, a moving sale, or a serious spring cleaning, consider posting your listings on your blog or personal e-commerce website for sale. Share the link on social media and direct neighbors, friends, and family to your site where you have ultimate control to post pictures and prices of individual items. Buyers can use PayPal to send you money, or arrange a pickup in person.

4) Consignment

Give some and get some with consignment sales in your area. Specifically for clothing, consignment is a great way to take all your used clothing to one location and get a check in return. Online consignment options such as The Womens Alliance or thredUP allow you to consign your clothing without even leaving your house.

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