5 Essential Steps for Buying A Car In Jamaica

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Jamaica has the image of being a relaxed and carefree place. It is no surprise that so many people go there for vacation as a result. Although, not everyone who goes to Jamaica is looking to vacation. Some are looking to settle and start a life there. Often, buying a car is a part of that equation, but there are things that must be considered when buying a car in Jamaica.

1) What Vehicle is Best for You?

Year and Mileage

One of the first things to consider is the year and mileage of the vehicle.  Newer cars will not have seen as much wear as an older model.  If the car you are purchasing is used, you will want to take into consideration that the roads in Jamaica are very rough on vehicles, so you will want to check out the details of how well the vehicle was maintained by the previous owner.

Size of the Vehicle

Another thing to consider is that a big truck or big car/SUV may not work well in Jamaica. Most dealerships stock Japanese sedans as a result, because they can navigate the narrow and winding roads found in the country.

2) Create a Budget

No different than buying a car anywhere else, you should always be mindful of your budget and you should do your research. Know the car that you want to buy, and ensure that you buy a car that is going to meet your needs. Don’t buy a car that won’t do well on the roads of Jamaica, even if you think it will be a nice car to have.

3) Shop Around for the Best Deal

Of course, make sure you shop around. Don’t buy the first vehicle you find, and ensure that you compare the prices and features of the vehicles. You can find cars for sale in Jamaica by searching though online classifieds, local news papers and dealership listings. If you buy a car without shopping around, you may have buyer’s remorse.

4) Test Drive Before You Buy

When you find the car you like, always make sure you go for a test drive. You want to see how the vehicle operates on the road, how it shifts gears, how it accelerates and everything else. Once the test drive is done, look under the hood to see the engine. If you don’t have a good handle on mechanics, bring in your own mechanic so he or she can find issues you may not even know about. A mechanic will check those hidden places around the engine that may not seem like a problem now, but could be down the road.

In addition, when you are doing your research, check to see how available the parts are for the vehicle. You don’t want to buy a vehicle that will need parts in the future that have to be ordered from out of the country. That will cost you far too much, and it is something to consider before you buy the car.

5) Negotiate for a Lower Price

Once the test drive is done, and you are ready to buy the car, make sure you negotiate the price. The seller, whether it is a dealership or an individual, will typically be willing to negotiate a good price. This is where having a mechanic inspect the vehicle can work to your advantage and help you get a much lower price. It also shows that you are a serious buyer who is not going to be fooled.

Buying a car in Jamaica can be a rewarding experience, just make sure you do your research. Get a car that is dependable and will not cost you a fortune in repairs after you buy it.

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