8 Reasons Jamaica Should be Your Next Travel Destination

Tropical beach jamaicaJamaica has been a popular tourist destination for decades but with so many Caribbean islands, you may be asking yourself why should you chose Jamaica for your next vacation. If the white sand beaches, perfect climate and friendly locals are not enough, here are 8 more reasons Jamaica should be the next spot on your travel agenda!

Hotels and All-Inclusive Resorts

Let’s start with some of the best hotels in Jamaica that will make you never want to leave.

1) Beautiful and Relaxing

Round Hills Hotel and Villas, located just 8 miles outside of Montego Bay, has wowed guests like Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly with its open-air living areas and beautifully designed, luxury rooms. The resort also features semi-private pools, cottage housekeepers and a variety of activities including tennis, water sports and spa treatments. The Round Hills Hotel and Villas is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the laid back atmosphere of Jamaica.

2) Luxury at its Finest

Half Moon Resort

Luxury at its Finest at Half Moon

The Half Moon (A RockResort) located near the infamous Rose Hall, is all-inclusive luxury at its finest. Guests can choose from the beautiful 197 room hotel or stay in one of the 33 Royal Villas that each have their own butler, cook and housekeeper. The resort features a multitude of children’s activities including the Anancy children’s village where your kids can spend the day while you hit the golf course or relax at the spa. You can also swim with the resort’s two bottle-nosed dolphins for a true one-of-a-kind experience.

3) Romance and Rejuvenation

Couples Sans Souchi Cocktail Reception

Cocktail Reception at Couples Sans Souchi

If you are looking for a more adult-centered resort, Couples Sans Souchi is just what you are looking for. Located in Ocho Rios, the all-inclusive resort encourages romance and rejuvenation with their couple’s spa treatments and their exclusive healing mineral spring. You can reconnect with the one you love during the numerous daily activities designed specifically for couples and by dancing the night away to the island’s famous reggae beat.


4) Conquer the Waterfalls

Jamaica’s most popular attraction, Dunn’s Falls, is located near the city of Ocho Rios. The 600 feet of cascading water that make up the falls are one of Jamaica’s most beautiful treasures. You can hike up the expanse of the falls and take a swim in the many pools of water along the way.

5) Breathtaking Experiences

Dolphin’s Cove in Montego Bay

Dolphin’s Cove in Montego Bay

If you love marine life, check out Dolphin’s Cove in Montego Bay. You can spend the day swimming with some of the most beautiful creatures of the sea including dolphins, sharks and stingrays. The cove also offers activities such as taking in the exotic underwater sea life on a glass-bottomed kayak, taking a mini-boat to explore the Jamaican coastline or interacting with snakes, birds and iguanas on the Jungle Walk.

6) Adventure and Fun

Are you looking for a thrilling, active excursion to keep your entire family entertained? Mystic Mountain Rainforest Adventures in Ocho Rios offers an array of exciting attractions including an awesome bobsled ride through the forests of Mystic Mountain, the Sky Explorer chairlift that takes you over 700 feet above the rainforest and an exhilarating zip line where your feet are guaranteed not to hit the ground from start to finish!

7) A Peaceful Getaway

The Blue Hole

A hidden jewel, The Blue Hole

For a more peaceful getaway, Ocho Rios offers the secluded, non-commercialized attraction known as The Blue Hole. A hidden jewel, The Blue Hole is located in the most secluded part of the lush rainforest. You can spend the day swimming, jumping from falls or just simply relaxing and enjoying the quiet beauty of Mother Nature!

8) The Jamaican Culture

Jamaican Tour Guide

Jamaican Tour Guide from Barrett Adventures

If you are a little nervous about tackling the island by yourself but you would love to experience the Jamaican culture first hand, try the private and personalized tours offered by Barrett Adventures. Highly recommended is Carolyn’s Secret Falls tour. Get a feel for the local culture as your tour guide makes stops at local stands, where you can try traditional Jamaican meat patties or jerk chicken, and the local markets where you can get fresh coconuts and mangos. The falls are located off the beaten path but are well worth the hike! The local guide takes you up to the falls, where you can use a rope swing or, if you’re especially brave, wade out into the roaring water of the falls and jump into the pool below. This is not a highly known tourist attraction so you won’t have to fight through a crowd of people. It will probably just be your group with your guide and a few locals.

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If you’ve visited Jamaica in the past, tell us the highlights of your trip in the comment section below.

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