Emma Publisher

From Sticker Shock to Savvy Car Shopper

Nothing is worse than buying a new car, only to find the same dealership offering a better deal just a week or two later. Timing your purchase right can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a new or used car. Conventional wisdom says that the best time to buy is the end of […]

Setting Up Your House for the Perfect Sale

When you’re ready to list your house for sale, the real work starts before you even call the realtor. Adequate preparation before you put up a sign in your yard can make a world of difference in the success of your sale. Just as you might dress up to go to a party or head […]

4 Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff

Piling all your old, used, or unwanted belongings on your front yard with round price stickers may have worked ten years ago. Today, yard sales are being taken over by faster, easier, and more convenient for sale options online. The garage sale of yesterday is now an online auction getting you more bang for your buck […]

Prepping, Picking, and Pitfalls of Puppy Life

Picking man’s best friend can be an overwhelming choice. With hundreds of breeds, thousands of puppies, and seemingly unlimited options, bringing home a new puppy is not as easy as it sounds. If you are considering buying a dog, consider these simple tips to preparing for, picking, and avoiding common pitfalls before selecting the newest […]

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