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5 Essential Steps for Buying A Car In Jamaica

Jamaica has the image of being a relaxed and carefree place. It is no surprise that so many people go there for vacation as a result. Although, not everyone who goes to Jamaica is looking to vacation. Some are looking to settle and start a life there. Often, buying a car is a part of […]

From Sticker Shock to Savvy Car Shopper

Nothing is worse than buying a new car, only to find the same dealership offering a better deal just a week or two later. Timing your purchase right can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a new or used car. Conventional wisdom says that the best time to buy is the end of […]

5 Tips for Buying a Car

The continuous increase in variety of car makes and models (both new and used) requires you to be careful when shopping for a car. With 78,799,483 cars produced in 2011 by over 50 makers it gets a little overwhelming at times. To make your car buying process simple, we offer the following important tips for buying […]

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