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Prepping, Picking, and Pitfalls of Puppy Life

Picking man’s best friend can be an overwhelming choice. With hundreds of breeds, thousands of puppies, and seemingly unlimited options, bringing home a new puppy is not as easy as it sounds. If you are considering buying a dog, consider these simple tips to preparing for, picking, and avoiding common pitfalls before selecting the newest […]

Bringing Social Media Integration to Traditional Online Classifieds

FiWiClassifieds today officially re-launched their website with updated features to align classified ads to today’s social media and mobile device trends. Founded in Kingston Jamaica in 2009, FiWiClassifieds continues to be a completely free classified ads service, but is now poised to elevate the decade-old sales concept to appeal to the high-tech generation of consumers. […]

10 Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Buying a house for the first time can be overwhelming. There’s a lot to think about. However, you can have a more positive experience by following these time-tested tips for first time home buyers. These advice will help you find a home that’s right for you. 1) Workout your budget to see how much you […]

5 Tips for Buying a Car

The continuous increase in variety of car makes and models (both new and used) requires you to be careful when shopping for a car. With 78,799,483 cars produced in 2011 by over 50 makers it gets a little overwhelming at times. To make your car buying process simple, we offer the following important tips for buying […]

The Evolution of Classified Ads Infographic

It is always fascinating to see how things and times have changed. When we take time to look back in history many of us can appreciate the benefits of living in a time were information is easily shared, organized and distributed dispute the language and geographical differences. One of many areas that have truly evolve […]

The History of Classified Ads

Classified advertising is a form of advertising most commonly known in newspapers, periodicals, TV, radios and the internet. The ads may be charged or distributed free of charge. Typically, these ads in newspapers are short as they are charged per letter, line or column. As the name suggests, classified ads are classified into classes or […]

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